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Manufacturer of plastic bag mainly garbage bags and food storage bags.
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Meeting diverse demands ....

PT Sanipak Indonesia (PTSI) has two factories (as of June 2013) in the same industrial park, for capability to produce garbage bags and other bags, including those ranging from 20 liters to 90 liters in capacity, using LLDPE, HDPE and other high-value-added films. We can also make extra-large bags up to 1,500mm wide and gusset bags. Moreover, we have substantial printing capabilities, including cutout bag-making machines, that can be applied even to various small lots. Our food storage bags are manufactured in a plant specially designed to assure conditions as sanitary as those of a food factory.

Factory functions....

Factory 1:   Factory 2:
Plant1 Plant2
Dedicated plant mainly producing all types of garbage bags sold in Japanese market
From 8 -32 folds and size 10L - 90L,
Transparent or colored bags with handle, printing bags for all local Japanese government.

  A dedicated factory producing food storage bags
Excellent sanitation management similar to a food factory

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