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Manufacturer of plastic bag mainly garbage bags and food storage bags.
We back up your company with product supply in high accuracy.
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Corporate Overview
The leading polyethylene bag maker....

Since 1991, PT Sanipak Indonesia (PTSI), has developed into a polyethylene bag manufacturer that has grown to produce over 2,500 tons of PE bags monthly. We supply various kinds of PE bags, including garbage bags, food storage bags and drainage bags, to general consumers and industries through several major distributors in Japan. We are also expanding direct sales contacts with other worldwide retailers.
Absolute quality control ....

Japan has always had some of the world's toughest customers. And Japanese manufacturers are renowned for satisfying customer demands with their superior quality and service. To guarantee quality and consistency, we assign an experienced special team to inspect our products carefully. This ensures that each product meets superior specification standards.
We never let you down ....

Every member of our Company shares absolute commitment to making the highest quality products and providing excellent service. We monitor the progress of every manufacturing process, so we can respond quickly to any changing production schedules, deadlines, etc. Such flexibility allows us to provide prompt, optimal solutions to our customers. Our unique experience and capability ensures that every customer order is satisfied, every time, exactly as we promise.
Motivated to stay ahead ....

We consistently ship over 2,500 tons of polyethylene bags per month to Japan (as of June 2013). We maintain such a high volume of business because our customers can always rely on us to deliver the most reliable products and services. Today, regardless of economic conditions, we continue to meet increasing demand. We strive for continuous improvements in every process, meeting the challenge to move ahead of other manufacturers.

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